Social Media Marketing Strategy

Making Social Media Work For Your Business

Social Media Strategy Aligned With Your Business Goals, Objectives & Budget.

At Copper Square Communications, we LOVE strategy, so you don’t have to. The beginning might seem like the most obvious place to start but you would be surprised by the number of companies who just do social media but don’t strategise.

 Fail to plan, plan to fail is our mantra and this is where we come into our own. 

More than 43% of users turn to social media as a primary source to discover new products and services, according to the Global Web Index. Social Media is not just another channel to pump out self serving content, it is a place to connect, communicate and build trust. Are you using making the most out of social media for your business?

Don’t worry if it all seems too much. It’s our job to get your social media platforms, messaging and advertising working to optimum effect.

 An experienced marketer, Ashleigh will take the pain out of the process by taking you through all aspects of your social media strategy. She will ensure it supports and is fully aligned to your overall organisational values, goals and objectives and within the timescales, budget and resources available.  

 Copper Square will outline ways you could work with influencers, incorporate paid social advertising and create engaging content to connect you to your customers, deepen engagement and promote greater loyalty than ever before.

 We are always at hand if it seems too much and are there to offer ongoing strategic support with either one-to-one consultancy or with regular check-ins throughout a campaign.  

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