A Year Of Success: The 2023 Copper Square Highlight Reel

At Copper Square, we understand that to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of social media you not only need to keep up with trends, but you need to set them.


Our commitment to excellence goes beyond conventional strategies, and it is deeply rooted in fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for innovation and digital storytelling.


Over the past year, Copper Square has been more than a social media agency; we’ve been a hub of knowledge, collaboration, and growth. From thought-provoking events that unveiled the future of social media to masterclasses that empowered entrepreneurs with practical skills, our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.


Join us in this blog post as we rewind the clock and highlight the key events, training and masterclasses that have allowed Copper Square to celebrate the strides we’ve made, the knowledge we’ve shared, and the relationships we’ve forged.

The Social Media Savvy conference took place in June at the Titanic Hotel, in Belfast. With amazing speakers such as Alan Mahon, Jane Roper, Shannon Rowan, Alan Wallace and Peter Craven to name a few. The conference was a mix of talks, panel discussions, case studies and practical mini-workshop-style sessions covering social media strategy, content planning and creating videos for social media.

The Social Media Savvy Bootcamp took place in October at the Galgorm Resort & Spa. From working on marketing strategy with Jane Roper to getting practical in Canva with Amy Smith and creating video content with Lyn Mutch, the day was packed full of practical strategies and actionable techniques for businesses to take forward.

The rest of the year looked like this …. 

  • Ashleigh delivered a number of workshops for local businesses on the importance of content planning as well as how to use Instagram and Facebook for marketing your business with Ards Business Hub.
  • Throughout three webinars, Copper Square helped SureStart with its online social media strategy for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Much of what makes sport so compelling is the narrative behind it and that’s what Copper Square illustrated to the NI Sports Forum attendees on how social media provides an excellent opportunity to communicate this. For three webinars, Ashleigh showed how to build your strategy, create content, utilise each platform, keep up with trends and planning posts. 
  • As an Associate Training with Channel 56, Ashleigh delivered  bespoke workshops on LinkedIn with the Strategic Investment Board NI and social media training with Mid & East Antrim PCSP. 
  • Ashleigh travelled far and wide delivering many Social Media training events with the comms team of major brands such as Crimestoppers and Greiner Packaging.  
  • Copper Square delivered three on-site training sessions with NICVA Community Foundation NI showing its members how to set up a Canva account, find designs and images and demonstrate how to create stand-out social media graphics for business.
  • After a successful year of one-to-one social media consultations with DIAGEO Ireland for their premium accounts right across Ireland, Copper Square co-facilitated their Digital Jungle event for their reps in Dublin.
  • Asheigh was invited to speak at the Salon Life convention sharing with the audience the best way to form a social media strategy and create content with purpose. The event held in Manchester was a mixture of panel discussions and inspirational speakers sharing their industry insights to inspire professionals in the beauty and aesthetic industry. 
  • Copper Square delivered digital marketing training for the food and drink industry with Ards & North Down Borough Council. This workshop allowed Ashleigh to discuss how businesses in the hospitality sector could use social media to market their business, how the use of email marketing should form part of their strategy for growth and how paid social media advertising can move your business forward. 
  • Social Media Fest took place at The Talbot Hotel, Wexford and Copper Square rounded off the year by providing an industry insight as to why it is important to show up and be consistent on social media. This sold-out event delved deep into the world of social media, offering invaluable ideas, advice, and inspiration from several social media gurus, each bringing their own experiences to the table.

At Copper Square, we believe that true success is not merely measured in metrics and numbers but in the relationships we build, the knowledge we share, and the impact we collectively create. The events, training and masterclasses showcased in this retrospective blog post represent more than moments in time—they are stepping stones in our ongoing mission to empower, inspire, and lead in the dynamic world of social media. Here’s to another year of innovation, growth, and success. 


Ready to elevate your brand’s social media game? Copper Square is here to empower your business through comprehensive training and personalised mentoring. For more information on how we can craft a training workshop specifically designed for your business or to book Ashleigh for speaking opportunities, contact a member of our team.

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