2024. The Social Media Trends You Need To Know 

  1. As we stand on the threshold of 2024, the landscape of social media is poised for transformative shifts that are bound to influence the way we connect, engage, and share in the digital sphere. In this blog post, Copper Square explores the anticipated social media trends for 2024. From emerging platforms to evolving user behaviours, we’ll delve into the key developments that are set to redefine the social media landscape, equipping you with insights to navigate and capitalise on the unfolding trends.

Move up the ranking with Authenticity

Authenticity is crucial for moulding audience perceptions and is a key factor in attaining lasting success on social media. Being authentic means sharing real business stories, the good and the bad alongside engaging in meaningful conversations, and revealing the human side of your brand. This approach allows your business to establish a strong emotional connection with your followers, leading to increased engagement, championing your brand, and business growth. By distributing unrefined, unfiltered content, you can establish a genuine connection with your audience, perfect isn’t always…perfect. Being transparent and sincere will serve as the route to flourishing in 2024.

Long-term partnerships with Influencers

2024 will see brands teaming up with influencers but on a long-term basis not just solely for one-off promotions. A longer-lasting relationship breeds trust amongst followers with the priority being connection and community. The big benefit of using influencers? They humanise the brand. It’s not just the influencers that have the biggest following, it’s the influencers that have the best results and match well with the brand. Businesses will select creators based on the quality of content they produce alongside their engagement. The bigger the spectrum of personalities used, the more diversity is brought to the brand and hopefully that will bring a different audience of customers.   

The brilliance of AI in creating Content and Strategy

With technological advancements such as AI comes some natural fear but AI is there to help marketers create content not do it for them. AI doesn’t have the same creativity, emotional intelligence or human touch as Marketers do so why is AI important in content creation? It can help with the brainstorming part of the process. There is speed and efficiency with AI including Chatbots, automation of processes and data-driven metrics. In short, AI will come up with ideas, creating more time for marketers to strategise those points. Keep up to date with AI apps, and current updates and don’t be afraid to play with AI to see what works for your business.  


TikTok and LinkedIn are at the forefront of the social platforms

The competition between social media platforms is fierce but along with the engagement capacity and the constant updates moving forward, LinkedIn and TikTok reign supreme. 

Matt Navarra, Social media consultant and industry analyst states that “TikTok is still developing exciting new features and tools for creators, advertisers, and regular users. It will likely focus on e-commerce, generative AI, and search in 2024. It also remains the king of short video engagement.”

The only way is up for TikTok, which has the highest user engagement and retention figures. Consumers love short video formats, and with TikTok ahead of the game where that is concerned, 2024 can only get better for the platform. 

LinkedIn has and will continue to establish itself as the ultimate platform for professionals and networking with connections. There is a massive opportunity for CEOs to make their mark on social media, in fact overshadowing company profiles to humanise their brands. These CEOs in higher positions are seen as visionaries, and niche leaders, cementing themselves at the forefront with their knowledge. Now is the time to polish up your LinkedIn profile ready for 2024. 

The Change in Metrics

Digital marketers have incorporated A/B testing as a pivotal tool in refining their online platforms, including websites, landing pages, and email campaigns. A/B testing not only helps to highlight optimal practices but also empowers brands to experiment with diverse content and messaging to foster a deeper connection with their audience. Through such experimentation, brands can broaden their outreach and uncover new avenues for growth.

As already mentioned, engagement is key. Brands want to establish a connection with their audience, and this can be hard to track. In 2024 the algorithm will start to favour content that gets people talking and sparks a reaction. This trend will be linked to authenticity, the more honest you are the more your brand will be relatable. 

Your reach is a great metric to analyse in 2024 because the more your content gets shared, the better reach you have. Relatable content tends to prompt people to react and share, meaning more eyes on your brand. 

You now know what your focus should be on 2024 so it’s time to get your strategy in place. Copper Square has all the tools and insight to help you piece this together to get your new year off to a great start, contact a member of our team to get started.

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